In my new novel, Treasurekeeper my protagonist Jess feels depressed and cut off from everyone around her. Now that she knows what fate awaits her (SPOILER ALERT – she’s going to change into a dragon!), she’s freaking out and making all the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons. Hmm. Probably just as well she has superpowers and a whole bunch of hot guys to help her cope.

Okay, so maybe Jess’s story isn’t that relatable. But in these confusing times I hope that, at the very least, my book will give you a few hours of pure escapism into a world of mystery, magic, adventure, super slow burn love affairs, and – finally! – dragons.

Treasurekeeper (Book 3 of the Dark Dragon Chronicles) is being released on Friday, March 27. Click here for the link to Amazon. 

Wishing you all the best: health, sanity, enough toilet paper, and, if not prosperity, at least some level of solvency.

Warmest regards