Feeling isolated, trapped, and worried about the future? You’re not alone.

Feeling isolated, trapped, and worried about the future? You’re not alone.

In my new novel, Treasurekeeper my protagonist Jess feels depressed and cut off from everyone around her. Now that she knows what fate awaits her (SPOILER ALERT – she’s going to change into a dragon!), she’s freaking out and making all the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons. Hmm. Probably just as well she has superpowers and a whole bunch of hot guys to help her cope.

Okay, so maybe Jess’s story isn’t that relatable. But in these confusing times I hope that, at the very least, my book will give you a few hours of pure escapism into a world of mystery, magic, adventure, super slow burn love affairs, and – finally! – dragons.

Treasurekeeper (Book 3 of the Dark Dragon Chronicles) is being released on Friday, March 27. Click here for the link to Amazon. 

Wishing you all the best: health, sanity, enough toilet paper, and, if not prosperity, at least some level of solvency.

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  1. Dave

    I loved all three of you books and am looking forward to continuing the story. Can you share a little about the next book? When will it be published? Where does the story go from here?

  2. Ripley Harper

    Hi Dave. Thanks so much for your kind words and the interest you have taken in my books. The next book, Chaosbringer, was supposed to appear this August, but because of circumstances beyond my control (Covid 19 lockdown issues – don’t even ask) I am running behind schedule. I hope to have it finished by the end of the year though. In the next book Jess learns more about her dragon nature and how her magic works. Some of her old school friends re-appear (Ty, Chloe, Maggie), there’s a spectacular showdown with the White Lady, and she finally learns the truth about her father. But that’s all I’m giving away for now… Once again, thank you for your interest. Best regards, Ripley.

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