A week ago I asked you to support the launch of my latest book, Treasurekeeper

And what a difference it made! Not only did Treasurekeeper make the top 100 in Teen and Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy and the top 20 in Teen and Young Adult Norse Myths and Legends, I also got one review straight away! (Thank you Sam Wilson; you are now officially my favourite person in the whole world.)

Look, I’m not delusional: I understand perfectly well that it’s not as if J.K Rowling needs to start watching her back. But after launching my first book, Ordinary Girl (with absolutely no marketing, social media or email strategy) at #162 000 on Amazon, I do feel that I’ve come a long way…

Speaking of which, last week I tried to make up for the botched launch of my first book by experimenting with a weekend-long giveaway of Ordinary Girl. (Hey, better late than never.) I am immensely relieved to share with you that it went really well – not only did Ordinary Girl hit the first or second spot in all its categories, it also almost made the top 100 (free) on the whole of Amazon kindle! (Thank you, Tertius Heyns, for that fantastic cover.)

So, to sum up: thank you all so much. Your messages of advice and encouragement, your support and your (inexplicable) belief in me has made me happy in a week where… Well. You all know what kind of week it was. I think the less said about that, the better.

You guys are the best. 

Stay safe, sane and healthy in our new 28 Days Later world. You literally couldn’t make this sh*t up.

Warmest regards,