Ordinary Girl by Ripley Harper


Deep inside me, something old and dark is stirring – and the rest of my life is falling apart.

At school, a group of rich, popular boys is planning to publicly humiliate me. At home, everyone seems to be keeping some dark and ominous secret. And now my ultimate crush – a Viking-type sex god too hot to live – decides to tell me I have “magic powers” because I’m the “last descendant” of an “ancient bloodline” controlled by a “secret Order”, and that his family h-as been “keeping” mine for centuries.

I mean, seriously?

Sometimes I think no one around me is quite what they seem.

Least of all myself.

Fireborn by Ripley Harper


It’s time to find out who I really am. Or rather, WHAT I really am.

Look, I know something dark and powerful is slumbering inside me. But just how dark? And just how powerful?

Some say the power inside me will make me utterly irresistible, causing an obsession closer to religious ecstasy than mere desire. Others say it will make me so dangerous that even those I trust most will turn against me, and that my enemies will raise a whole army of assassins to make sure I don’t grow into my full power.

They say it will lead to heartbreak, death, mania, betrayal and torture.

They’re not wrong.

Treasurekeeper by Ripley Harper


I finally know the truth about myself. And it sucks.

It’s one thing to be thrown headfirst into a fairytale world of magic and secrets. It’s quite another to learn that you’re not the princess in the story after all. Things can always get worse, however, as I soon find out when I’m stuck in the Amazon rainforest with three impossible men: one who has lied to me my whole life, one who has vowed to kill me, and one who wants to impregnate me with a whole litter of creepy babies and then steal my magic.


The worst part? It becomes increasingly difficult not to like them. And yes, I know some might say that you’re in trouble when your sworn enemies become your only friends.

But hey, what do they know?

Chaosbringer by Ripley Harper


Look, my life isn’t perfect.

The White Lady’s army of assassins becomes a bigger threat with every day that passes. My power is still in flux. The entire internet believes I’m a racist satanic freemason terrorist. And my attraction to Gunn is completely out of control.

But I’m sick of hiding. Of letting others make my decisions for me. 

I’m finally realizing that Disney ending I’ve subconsciously been waiting for – where the baddies conveniently tumble from high cliffs, never to be seen again – is never going to happen.

So. I’m ready to take control of my destiny.

After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

Worldmaker by Ripley Harper


Bloodmagic is the magic of passion. And I’m stuffed to the gills with it.

So, it turns out there might be a way for me to avoid the dark destiny that awaits me. The only problem is that my bloodmagic is completely out of control, which  means that some old friendships are becoming increasingly complicated at the exact time when I need my friends more than ever.

Also, avoiding my destiny might not be quite as simple as I’d have liked, seeing that it involves an irreversible decision, some minor betrayals, and a couple of lies. But it’s my life, right? And I should be free to live it the way I want.

Before I can do anything about my destiny, however, I first need to master my bloodmagic.

And you don’t even WANT to know how someone becomes a bloodmaster.

The Last Dragonkeeper


This prequel to The Dark Dragon Chronicles can be read as a standalone.

Betrayed by everyone I trusted, I turned my back on the world of magic. The entire Order of Keepers can go to hell, for all I care.

The only thing I want now is to rain down blood and hellfire on the powerful men who ruined my childhood.

My last remaining enemy is the head of one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the world. But that doesn’t scare me. I’m not afraid of anything, and my magic is stronger than anyone knows.

So those bastards better watch out. Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold.

And my heart has been frozen for years.