Ordinary Girl by Ripley Harper

Ordinary Girl

Where do you run, when what you fear most is the darkness inside you?

In the small town where she lives, Jess is considered a bit of a freak. The outsider with the strange hair. The sad weirdo who can’t get over her mother’s death. The psycho who beat up the biggest boy in school.

She’s worked hard to fit in. To make some friends. To control her grief and her rage. To be “normal” – just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life.

But at the start of her senior year, things begin to unravel.

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Fireborn by Ripley Harper


Does a monster know it’s a monster?

Jess has made some powerful enemies.

The Order of Keepers now views her as a threat to be contained. Half the Skykeepers, led by the White Lady, want her dead. And when security footage of what happened that night in the library goes viral, everyone at school – not to mention the entire internet – seem to turn against her.

She doesn’t have many friends left either.

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Treasurekeeper by Ripley Harper


Jess finally knows the truth about herself. Or does she?

After finding out what fate awaits her, Jess feels betrayed and hopeless and completely alone.

The whole world thinks she’s a murderer. Ingrid and Gunn have lied to her all her life. Her friends at school have turned against her. Daniel can’t be in her presence without getting sick. All her memories of her mother have been tainted.

There is no one left to trust, nowhere left to turn.

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