Does a monster know it’s a monster?

Jess has made some powerful enemies.

The Order of Keepers now views her as a threat to be contained. Half the Skykeepers, led by the White Lady, want her dead. And when security footage of what happened that night in the library goes viral, everyone at school – not to mention the entire internet – seem to turn against her.

She doesn’t have many friends left either.

Daniel has gone into hiding with his family. Gunn has seemingly abandoned her. Ingrid has betrayed her trust. Even her bodyguard, a menacing young man called Zig, can barely contain his simmering hatred towards her.

When she learns that the White Lady has assembled an army of mercenaries to seek her out and kill her, she knows she must learn to control the power slumbering inside her. And fast. But for this she will need the help of the Pendragons – a family with dark and terrible secrets of their own.

It’s time for Jess to find out who she truly is.

Or rather, what she truly is.