Treasurekeeper by Ripley Harper


Jess finally knows the truth about herself. Or does she?

After finding out what fate awaits her, Jess feels betrayed and hopeless and completely alone.

The whole world thinks she’s a murderer. Ingrid and Gunn have lied to her all her life. Her friends at school have turned against her. Daniel can’t be in her presence without getting sick. All her memories of her mother have been tainted.

There is no one left to trust, nowhere left to turn.

But sometimes hope comes from the strangest places.

When Jess flees to the Amazon rainforest, it is Zig and Jonathan Pendragon, of all people, who help her find her feet again. In the Green Lady’s secret village, she learns that her magic might not be completely evil after all, and she returns home with a new sense of hope and purpose.

In Jess’s life, however, things are never quite what they seem.

And once your enemies become your only friends, you’re probably in deep, deep trouble.